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Photo taken by Sharang Tenjarla
Photography is a hobby. Like to travel India by road taking pictures whenever anything looks good enough for me to.. Grew up with humble aim and shoot cameras but took a few great pictures with them. Used to keep a camera always in glove compartment of my car and ended up with a fair set of photographs over the years...unfortunately, not backed-up. To back up images on an external drive and hard copy is the main lesson I have learnt from more than a dozen years worth of blogging and forumming. Most of those photos, focusing on all aspects of Delhi - the city I've lived all my life in and love dearly - shot during this period have been posted on the web under different pseudonyms on different blogs, and I'd like to leave them there along with the blogs and handles. That's another thing I learnt from all my years on web contributing to various forums, websites, blogs...better to do it under your own name rather than a pseudonym. Life's getting on, and, therefore, have decided now to blog  without a handle, in my own name, with back ups and a different camera.
Have decided to take on a blog partner as well - Sharang - who's now grown up and is independent. Chap had an eye for taking good pictures growing up. Whenever he has the time or inclination, I hope he posts here too. In fact, the photo above has been taken by him on our recent road trip together.
With a little bit of time available for myself now, I decided to indulge this hobby of mine and acquired a Nikon D5100 upon advice. Haven't yet felt the electricity of having the done right thing though.

If there's any photograph here on Photo Span that appears worthy to you, and you would like to use for your purpose, I'd appreciate a quick request mailed to prash.tenjarla@gmail.com and a credit/mention as a courtesy and fuel to my interest in this hobby.

My thanks to  Urang-kurai for this wonderful photo-blog template and to bTemplates from where I downloaded it.
Thanks for dropping by.
Prashant V Tenjarla
New Delhi